Why Phenocal Is The Best Weight Loss Supplement On The Market Today?

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Phenocal Phenocal Phenocal is an All-Natural Fat Burning Supplement Manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs. Read In-Depth & Updated Phenocal Review From Our Health Expert.
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Phenocal – The Overview

Most people aren’t happy with their body shape and, whether they’re just carrying a few extra pounds or are significantly overweight, losing weight can be a hard process. There are many factors that can make it difficult for people to achieve their weight loss goals and often diet and exercise alone just aren’t enough. Phenocal is a supplement that is designed to help people get to their ideal weight and it does so in a way that is completely safe and natural. With thousands of weight loss pills and supplements on the market, knowing which one to trust isn’t easy and just because a product is labeled ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean it’s safe. Phenocal on the other hand, only uses clinically proven ingredients that have undergone strict safety testing and have been combined in a way that works with the body to address several issues that affect weight loss – the metabolism, appetite and energy levels.

What can Phenocal do for you?

  • Helps curb the appetite and reduce cravings
  • Supports an increased metabolism for more efficient calorie burning
  • Works safely without over-stimulating the user
  • Increases energy levels to encourage physical activity
  • Helps produce a leaner, slimmer physique
  • Begins to work quickly, kick-starting weight loss efforts

Phenocal – Ingredients

Pharmaxa Labs, the company who makes Phenocal, have listed each ingredient on their product website so consumers know exactly what they’re taking. By reading about all the ingredients contained in the formula, the individual has a better understanding as to how it works in their system, rather than simply taking the word of the manufacturer. There are over a dozen potent ingredients in the Phenocal formula, a blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals that includes:

  • ChromiumThis mineral is often used in weight loss supplements for its effect on blood sugar levels. By helping to regulate these levels, avoiding any sugar spikes and ‘crashes’, the individual may be able to avoid overeating and snacking between meals.
  • Fucoxanthin – Naturally found in seaweed, this natural ingredient has a number of health benefits in addition to helping in weight management. It is said to raise the core temperature of the body, thereby increasing the metabolism for more effective calorie burning.
  • Glucomannan – This natural fiber is vital for anyone whose weight loss efforts are stymied due to overeating. Once ingested, Glucomannan provides a feeling of fullness so the individual can feel satisfied with less food. In addition to this, Glucomannan may also improve regularity and lower blood sugar levels.
  • Hoodia GordoniiThis natural succulent extract enhances the appetite suppressing effects of Glucomannan, allowing the individual to ingest fewer calories at mealtimes and cut down on snacking between meals.
  • Folic Acid – While Folic Acid has several benefits for health, it is believed to play a role in reducing body fat, particularly in stubborn areas. It does so by promoting the conversion of fat into energy, allowing it to be burned off more effectively.
  • B vitamins – There are several B vitamins contained in Phenocal which all have different benefits for weight management. Vitamin B1 helps convert food into usable energy, B5 plays a role in the breaking down of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, B6 supports the metabolic process and, because it is not stored in the body, must be taken in the form of a supplement, and B12 is known to boost energy levels and combat fatigue, particularly when combined with other B vitamins.
  • 5-HTP – While this amino acid is most often found in anti-depression supplements, it can play an important role in weight management. By helping to keep the mood elevated during weight loss, the individual is much more likely to stick to their diet and exercise plan and achieve their goals.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – Known for its numerous health benefits, this botanical is naturally caffeinated, giving the metabolism and energy levels a boost and contributing to more effective weight management. Experts also believe that it is particularly beneficial in the area of fat burning and may help lower the individual’s overall body mass index (BMI).

With the addition of other equally beneficial ingredients that include L-Tyrosine, Biotin and CLA, Phenocal is a fully comprehensive formula that, when taken daily as directed, may significantly impact weight loss efforts. While it does contain some natural stimulants, namely Green Tea Leaf, Cocoa and Yerba Mate, they are included in amounts that work effectively without leaving the user jittery or over-stimulated. In addition to this, it also contains Bioperine, an extract of black pepper that improves the overall absorption of the formula so it can begin to take effect immediately.

Safety Profile of Phenocal

Most people who have considered taking a weight loss supplement will be all too aware that there are many unsafe, even dangerous products on the market. With claims that they will produce huge amounts of weight loss within a very short period of time, most of these supplements either simply don’t work or can cause jitters, dizziness and nausea. Most individuals would agree that, while they want to lose weight, they don’t want to jeopardize their health. With Phenocal they don’t have to – the natural ingredients in the Phenocal formula have all undergone stringent tests to ensure that they are safe when taken daily at the recommended dose. When consumers take Phenocal they can be confident that:

  • It was made in the USA in a production facility that is regularly inspected by the FDA
  • The formula was produced in accordance to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines to ensure quality and consistency
  • The ingredients have undergone independent safety testing and are all GMP laboratory certified
  • It is unlikely to interact with any other supplement or medication
  • The supplement is free from chemicals, fillers, or any dangerous substances

Phenocal – Manufacturer’s Benefits

Thanks to the internet, consumers today are much more informed and educated about health supplements than ever before. But, with such a huge amount of weight loss products on the market, it can still be hard to know which brand to trust and which to avoid. The makers of Phenocal have responded to this problem by providing a website that gives prospective customers all the information they need in order to decide if Phenocal is the right product for their weight loss needs. In addition to customer service contact details, FAQs, full ordering details and information regarding the various money-saving Phenocal packages available, the manufacturer of Phenocal provides:

  • A full 60-day money back guarantee
  • A secure online payment process
  • Fast shipping with the product sent in discrete packaging
  • A free e-book with additional weight loss tips and nutritional information
  • Discrete credit card billing with no mention of the product name

Phenocal – The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that losing weight is hard and, even if the desired weight loss is achieved, keeping it off can be even harder. The manufacturer of Phenocal understands that with so many different factors at play, consumers need a multi-action supplement that focuses on all aspects of weight loss, not just one or two. It is this approach that makes Phenocal stand out among all the other weight loss supplements on the market and such a favorite among consumers, as demonstrated by the numerous success stories online.

Rather than claiming it to be a ‘miracle’ pill, the manufacturer acknowledges that weight loss results will be achieved faster if the consumer follows a diet and exercise plan, which they’ve made easier to do by including a free informative e-book with every order. Unlike some weight management supplements that make unrealistic promises, the makers of Phenocal freely admit that healthy, sustainable weight loss takes time; however, many of the effects of Phenocal, such as increased energy levels and appetite suppression, may be experienced more immediately, giving the consumer confidence in reaching their weight loss goals.

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  • James E 5 star

    Honestly really happy so far. I have a lot of energy and my appetite is totally suppressed! I’ve struggled a lot lately with overeating in the past 5 months. I went from 208 lbs to 228 lbs due to eating too much and bad diet. After using Phenocal I felt completely fine. Already lost 3 pounds in two days! No joke. I’ve tried other pills that give me the jitters or make me feel like crap & with Phenocal I’m really impressed. I recommended Phenocal!

    1 hour ago

  • Kyle S 5 star

    Since I have received Phenocal, I have been using it daily. It's been about 2 weeks now and I have lost approximately 9 lbs. You have to be dedicated in order for this product to work. Dedication is important. I love Phenocal because of the fact that when I take it, I do not have the urge to eat constantly. I recommend taking one in the morning and one after lunch (the afternoon cravings were my worst) I feel more energized through the day and I have a better exercise performance. I am very pleased with the results.

    1 hour ago

  • Jojo K 5 star

    I have only been using Phenocal for a couple of days now, but I must secure another bottle right away because I do not want to live with out Phenocal anymore. Phenocal have truly helped me to loss wieght only after a few days. My stomach no longer feels like a bottomless pit and I have energy where I can lead a normal life and not eat and sleep my life away. Truly a game changer! Would highly recommend Phenocal.

    2 hours ago

  • Archer M 5 star

    Phenocal is very great product! I have tried other pills before Phenocal and they would give me anxiety or panic attacks and this one does not! Phenocal gives you a great energy boost, and overall has been working great! Doesn’t make you sick either like other diet pills. Super happy with my results so far. Didn't have any weird side effects or jittery feeling at all. Keeping consisten with my diet and added in this to help push me through a plateau and keep losing, Would recommend!

    3 hours ago

  • Esther N 4 star

    Phenocal is the only product that works for me, I need something really strong, that is the one! I had a lot a appetite before, and this is the best . I had tried so many product ,nothing works. I can stay all day long without eating anything. I was so sick few years ago and my doctor put me on some kind of medicine which make me gain weight, and have a lot of appetite, so to go back to my initial weight was just impossible. Now I can say I’m so happy, I lost a lot of weight.

    4 hours ago

  • Nick J 5 star

    Phenocal is amazing. This is my second time buying this product. I took it for a month and lost More than 20 pounds... I went from 229 to 205. My husband thought I was crazy. I didn’t know what was happening. I just figured my body must need those things. Who knows. I’ve also noticed that being back on it, I’m less lazy and have more energy. I don’t just lay around in bed when I wake up, I get right up, shower, and start my day. I love Phenocal, I’ll never quit this miracle pill!!!

    5 hours ago

  • Sandra J 5 star

    I’ve been taking Phenocal for 10 days. I started with 1 pill for the first 5 days to monitor any side effects. No side effect but totally helped with my all day cravings and energy level during that mid day slump. I ordered these to help cut my portions and manage another part of my weight loss. I will be purchasing my second bottle. I am happy with Phenocal and feel using it as recommend will definitely be beneficial. I would absolutely recommend Phenocal.

    6 hours ago

  • Michelle N 5 star

    Phenocal has changed my life...seriously. I was having a very difficulty losing weight, maintaining energy, and managing my food intake although I was running 4 days a week. With Phenocal I have continued my running plan (some weeks I have the energy to run 5 days), but I am now able to focus on nutrition because I am not hungry all the time. I have lost 20 lbs. Can't say enough about how this has kick started my training! Lighter, leaner, faster, stronger!

    7 hours ago

  • Mandy T 5 star

    Phenocal is really works, I am familiar with the ingredients used because I use to purchase the ingredients individually years ago while I was keeping myself fit. I no longer have the time I use to and was looking for a product that contained at least some of the ingredients used to help specifically with decreasing my appetite, increasing energy and metabolism combined, Phenocal delivers and I will continue using it to help achieve my workout goals. Thank You!

    8 hours ago

  • Renee M 4 star

    Phenocal work for me! I've been taking Phenocal as directed for about a week. It definitely helps with suppressing appetite/cravings! I have also seen weight loss, despite not eating the best and not working out much. My routine is changing, so I will be working out a lot more and eating better.

    10 hours ago

  • Rose A 5 star

    I’ve been taking Phenocal since June, the pills really do work, I’ve lost 25 pounds on a 1200 calorie a day diet, With any diet having The Will-Power, eating healthy works, I don’t do strenuous exercises, Exercising 10-15 minutes a day and I see the results. I am able to have energy for the day without being jittery. I also noticed my appetite changed.

    14 hours ago

  • Lillian W 5 star

    Phenocal is a good product. There is no bad taste at all, and the added benefit of green tea extract is a plus. I have gotten many recommendations to use Phenocal too. I have been using for a couple weeks and my inches are started loosing, have had no negative issues. I will keep using Phenocal.

    1 day ago

  • Margaret W 5 star

    Phenocal definitely works for weight loss!!!! I absolutely will re order this product! As it is very affective on my appetite which can be ferocious at times especially during high stress work day. In about a week in a half I noticed my close where fitting lose without a waist trainer!! Definite repurchase!!!

    1 day ago

  • Jessica R 5 star

    I noticed a difference after about a week of consistent use. I was not exercising but still had less hunger and craving. I noticed a flatter stomach by mid bottle use. Phenocal is perfect. Can’t wait to see what happens when I start a workout regimen!

    1 day ago

  • Jenifer H 5 star

    I love Phenocal! Not only do they smell amazing, they have no weird taste or aftertaste. I take them every morning before I eat anything at all. I think they’ve helped with my metabolism as well as being a fat burning agent. They seem to be working!!

    2 days ago

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