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Prostara Prostara Prostara is an All-Natural Prostate Supplement Contains Ingredients which are Clinically Tested. Read In-Depth & Updated Prostara Review From Our Expert.
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Prostara – The Overview

Prostara is an all-natural supplement designed to help support the health of the prostate gland. Most men, often after the age of 50, can expect to experience a certain amount of prostate enlargement. While not all men go on to develop serious prostate health conditions, even the slightest enlargement can have an adverse effect on several areas of their urinary and sexual health. For most men, BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) results in several issues with urination, such as the urge to urinate frequently, ‘dribbling’ urine and an inability to fully empty the bladder; if left unaddressed, this not only impacts their quality of life in a negative way but can lead to infections of the urinary tract and other serious health concerns. Prostara uses a blend of natural ingredients to work on all areas of prostate health and does so without causing any harmful short or long-term side effects.

What can Prostara do for you?

  • Reduces the need to urinate frequently, especially during the night
  • Encourages full emptying of the bladder
  • Promotes a stronger flow of urine
  • Protects the prostate gland against cellular damage
  • Improves the health and function of prostate tissue
  • Supports better overall sexual function and performance

Prostara – Key Ingredients

The manufacturer of Prostara, Himex Biotech, lists all ingredients used in the Prostara proprietary blend, allowing consumers to see exactly what goes into every dose. Prostara’s potent formula contains the following powerful, natural ingredients:

  • Zinc – An essential mineral for male reproductive health, it contributes to the health of the prostate tissue, supporting enhanced overall function of the gland
  • Selenium – Another vital mineral for prostate health, Selenium is a powerful antioxidant, protecting prostate cells against the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Pumpkin Seed PowderAddresses hormonal balance in aging men and contributes to good overall prostate gland health
  • Saw Palmetto – Supports the health of the urinary tract, improving urine flow and reducing BPH-related inflammation of the prostate gland
  • GarlicPlays a role in reducing urine frequency while supporting a stronger urine stream
  • Nettle Root ExtractMay slow the growth of certain prostate cells and soothes a painful urinary tract
  • Beta-SitosterolsRelieves many symptoms associated with BPH, suppresses prostate cell growth and promotes complete bladder evacuation
  • Pygeum Bark ExtractHelps to reduce nighttime urination and increases urine volume and flow
  • Lycopene – Known to have anti-cancer properties, this potent antioxidant may protect the prostate cells from free radical damage while reducing urinary tract symptoms
  • Soy IsoflavonesPromotes hormonal balance in older men and supports healthy sexual function

While each of the ten ingredients included in the Prostara formula has its own powerful properties, when combined, they provide complete support for the aging prostate gland, covering all aspects of its health and function. Because all the ingredients are included in their most potent, purest form, the supplement starts working quickly to provide fast relief from many symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland.

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Safety Profile of Prostara

As with any health supplement, it’s important to know that what you’re taking is not only going to be effective, but not have any adverse effect on your health. The manufacturer of Prostara states very clearly that they haven’t included any potentially harmful ingredients in the formula and that those which are included are 100% natural and thoroughly tested. While there are no obvious allergens contained in the Prostara formula, anyone who is prone to allergic reactions should certainly talk to their doctor first, as should men with serious health conditions. Other than that, Prostara:

  • Is made in an FDA inspected facility
  • Has undergone rigorous testing for safety at every step of the production process
  • Is manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines
  • Contains no harmful additives, chemicals or synthetic substances

Prostara – Manufacturer’s Benefits

The manufacturer of Prostara, Himex Biotech, goes to great lengths to ensure that all their customers are completely satisfied with their products. Unlike some supplement companies, Prostara’s manufacturer not only shows full details about their formula and how it works, but also provides a comprehensive FAQ section, all contact information and details of their money back guarantee. When men order Prostara they receive:

  • A full 60-day satisfaction guarantee with no strings attached
  • A supplement that has been made in adherence to all government health product manufacturing regulations
  • All customer service department contact details
  • A safe and secure online payment process to protect their credit card information
  • Complete privacy with discrete packaging and credit card statement billing

Prostara – The Conclusion

The website for Prostara describes the supplement as a ‘proactive’ approach to long-term prostate health and this would seem to be true, judging from the amount of naturally protective ingredients contained in the formula. However, in addition to that, it also has the potential to relieve many of the distressing, uncomfortable and even embarrassing symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland such as frequent urination, weak urine stream, dribbling urine and poor sexual performance. By using only natural ingredients which have all undergone extensive clinical studies, Prostara provides fast, safe and effective relief which, in turn, can help men regain their quality of life. Having a generous 60-day money back guarantee allows men enough time to try the formula and see how well it works for them firsthand; although results will obviously vary depending on their age and overall health, it would appear that numerous men have found relief from their worst symptoms when using the supplement as directed.

Customer Reviews Makes Prostara The Top Choice

Excellent 5 star
4.5 Average 9810 Reviews
  • Matthew B 5 star

    Prostara is amazing Product! Now I am 65 years old, I had Urinal problems since when I was 48 years old, I used to go urine about 4-5 times during night. I tried many medicines as my doc suggested but nothing cured my problem 100%. It used to just cure my problem for sometime and again it use to start. And six months back my neighbour suggested me Prostara. I brought Prostara, and I started to feel the change within 2 weeks of use. Prostara really works for me....

    1 hour ago

  • Daniel C 5 star

    I have had some increasing prostate problems over the past three plus years ... nightly waking up to go to the bathroom and having a difficult urine flow!. After using Prostara I am so happy with the results, the leaking and dribbling thing is gone. The flow is much stronger when I void, even at night so I can sleep much longer. When I started using Prostara, my love life returned too! I’m really happy with how things are going. I definitely give Prostara 5 Stars!

    1 hour ago

  • Jimmy S 5 star

    I was waking up at night an average of 10 times to visit the men's room. I couldn't drive for up to 1 hour without stopping somewhere to pass urine. My situation was so bad, I would visit the men's room several times in the office and it was quite embarrassing. After taking Prostara for one week, I started seeing some changes. After a month, I came back to normal and was using the washroom about 2 times in the night. My prostate problem has improved dramatically and I am in my third month of using this amazing product. Prostara works , it really does.

    2 hours ago

  • Isaac A 5 star

    I have an enlarged prostate that makes urination more difficult. I also have declining functionality of my prostate with ejaculation and sex in general. After taking Prostara daily for 3 weeks I noticed an improvement with urination that was greatly appreciated. However, the pills also increased my libido considerably with unanticipated side effects that make these pills exceptional. The ejaculation function improved dramatically from where it had been. Further, the sensations with ejaculation also improved dramatically. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to improve the sexual experience.

    3 hours ago

  • Cook J 5 star

    A few months ago I wrote a review after using Prostara for a short while that it was certainly better than other products I've used. It has now been over 6 months and I am very satisfied at the result. In the last 30 days I've only had to get up to pee in the middle of the night 1 or 2 times. I haven't been able to say that in over 10 years. Thank you, Prostara! I feel more rested in the morning with lots more energy since I'm sleeping thru the night.

    4 hours ago

  • Les J 5 star

    Prostara is great product. My husband was having issues waking up at night to go to the bathroom. I spent a great deal of time researching the best supplement for his issue. He noticed a definite difference in a short time after starting to take Prostara. After a few months he realized he did not have a problem any more. It is a great blessing.

    5 hours ago

  • Jinny W 5 star

    I am totally satisfied with the Prostara results. I was getting up multiple times in the night to urinate. I noticed a difference after about a week. Am able to sleep throughout the nite. Relieved the burning sensation and relieved the sudden urge to go now, I would recommend Prostara and I would buy it again.

    6 hours ago

  • David S 5 star

    I am totally satisfied with the Prostara results. I was getting up multiple times in the night to urinate. I noticed a difference after about a week. Am able to sleep throughout the nite. Relieved the burning sensation and relieved the sudden urge to go now, I would recommend Prostara and I would buy it again.

    7 hours ago

  • Lynn M 5 star

    I started using Prostara about 2 months ago and I am starting see results that I never experienced with other prostate pills. I am 75 years old and was getting up 5 to 6 times each night. Now I get up 2 times. I am very happy with the results and plan on being a customer for a long time! I would recommend Prostara.

    8 hours ago

  • Alex G 5 star

    I suffer from enlarged prostate from past 1 year and I tried several other medicine but response were not good. One day My friend suggest me to try Prostara. I feel the change within two weeks of use, It significantly decrease the number of urinating. So I strongly recommended other people to use it. Prostara is great product thanks.

    10 hours ago

  • Mary C 5 star

    Prostara is wonderful product and really works for my husband. I got Prostara for my husband because he has, like many men in their fifties, issue with the pee flow. As men age their prostate enlarges and it restricts the flow. Prostara has helped him a lot with this issue. It is very reasonably priced.

    14 hours ago

  • John K 5 star

    Prostara has helped reduce the frequency which I wake up nightly to urinate. I was getting up four to five times nightly. Now that I have bee taking Prostara, I am currently getting up only one or two times a night to relieve myself. Thanks!

    1 day ago

  • George Q 5 star

    I have been suffering with "prostate issues" for several years. I used to get up several times at night to empty my bladder. Sometimes I would experience a weak stream. After using Prostara I am very satisfied with the improvement in my urine flow and the reduction in the number of times that I had to get up during the night. I am now able to sleep better after having used Prostara. This product works for me. I would recommend it.

    1 day ago

  • Tommy G 5 star

    Prostara seems to work very well! Just as it was described it would do. I am very pleased with the results, I am having with Prostara. I am making significantly less trips to the bathroom. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to continue using Prostara.

    1 day ago

  • Milo R 5 star

    Prostara is unbelievable! It truly works in 1 weeks time!!. One of my friends suggests me Prostara and I was really surprised that a natural made product like this can work perfectly. It helped to made the urine flow better. Highly Recommended.

    2 days ago

  • Julie A 5 star

    My father is 82 years old, and in typical fashion he has experienced issues with his prostate. He has also tried many supplements which promise to help. Dad noticed measurable results before finishing the first bottle of Prostara! And now He is sleeping the entire night without the urgent need to use the bathroom. He is telling all his friends to get it. Thanks!

    2 days ago

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