Why Menoquil Is The Best Menopause Relief Supplement In The Market Today?

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Menoquil Menoquil Menoquil is an all-Natural, Safe and Effective Supplement to Treat Symptoms of Menopause. Read In-Depth & Updated Menoquil Review from our Health Expert.
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Menoquil – The Overview

Menoquil is a natural supplement that addresses the many different symptoms that women experience as they go through menopause. Most people think of menopause as affecting women who are in their 50s and older but, in fact, the perimenopause stage (the time leading up to menopause) can start much earlier, with some women experiencing symptoms as young as 35. While menopause affects all women differently in terms of when it starts, how long it lasts and the severity of their symptoms, one thing is certain – the symptoms can be wide-ranging, distressing and in some cases, extremely uncomfortable. For many years the only available option offered to menopausal women as a treatment was HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and, while this was often effective, it carried some major health risks. Fortunately, women now have numerous, natural choices for menopause relief, with Menoquil being one of the most popular and effective.

What can Menoquil do for you?

  • Reduces multiple symptoms of menopause
  • Is suitable for women at all stages of menopause from perimenopause to post-menopause
  • Works using natural ingredients that carry no health risks
  • Addresses hormonal imbalance, the root cause of many symptoms
  • Works quickly to produce fast relief when it’s most needed
  • Has benefits for the physical and emotional effects of menopause

Menoquil – Key Ingredients

Consumers can see exactly what goes in to each Menoquil tablet thanks to the list of ingredients published on the manufacturer’s website. This allows them to have a better understanding of how it works on all their menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings and more. With every dose of Menoquil, consumers are receiving an optimal amount of the following key active ingredients:

  • Calcium – This mineral is vital for menopausal women and is a major ingredient in the Menoquil formula. As women enter the menopausal stage in life, they tend to lose bone mass, leading to weak, porous bones that are more likely to fracture. Even if they eat calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products and leafy green vegetables, it may not be enough to combat this loss of density as the bones age, making supplementation essential.
  • Vitamin D – Experts now know that taking vitamin D increases the absorption and, in turn, the benefits of calcium significantly. However, in addition to this, it is thought that vitamin D also has a positive effect on the mood, helping to overcome irritability, anxiety and mood swings.
  • Vitamin K – This lesser-known vitamin also contributes to bone health as it plays a role in the creation of proteins needed to build and maintain dense, strong bones. By doing so, it further enhances the benefits of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Red Clover Flower Powder and Red Clover Flower Powdered extractThese natural extracts address what are undoubtedly the most common menopause symptoms, hot flashes and night sweats. Rich is isoflavones, they ensure that hormones are kept in balance, reducing the frequency and severity of both these distressing symptoms. Red Clover has also been studied for its effects on boosting the libido in women experiencing a lack of sex drive during menopause.
  • Guggul Gum Resin Powdered Extract – This extract has been used for a variety of health conditions for centuries, particularly in Indian medicine. It’s included in the Menoquil formula not only for the positive effects it has on bone health but also as a way to reduce the unwelcome weight gain that often accompanies menopause.
  • Black Cohosh Root Powder – Most menopausal women will be familiar with this well-known ingredient. While widely studied for its effect on reducing the severity of hot flashes, scientists still aren’t clear exactly how it works, although they believe that its actions are similar to those of estrogen.
  • Dong QuaiDong Quai is a Chinese herb that is often used to relieve menstruation cramps and PMS in younger women. However, doctors now believe that it also has estrogenic effects that reduce major symptoms of menopause, particularly hot flashes.
  • Soy Isoflavones – Asian women have relied on the positive benefits of soy for centuries and, in fact, are very rarely affected by menopausal symptoms. By helping to redress the balance of hormones in the body during all stages of menopause, soy isoflavones support many areas of health in menopausal women including bone density, cognitive function, vaginal dryness and insomnia.
  • Green Tea Leaf Powdered Extract – While this type of tea was once favored mostly by Asian cultures, its popularity in the West has surged due to its numerous health benefits. In addition to being naturally caffeinated, thereby contributing to a boost in energy and combating the fatigue that many menopausal women experience, green tea leaf powdered extract is thought to reduce the severity of hot flashes and, by boosting the metabolism, combat menopausal weight gain.

Other ingredients also in the Menoquil blend include Chaste Berry Powder, Wild Yam Root Powder, Phosphorus and Bioperine, an extract of black pepper that improves overall bioavailability of the formula. As well as being 100% natural and unlikely to interact with other health supplements or medications, all ingredients used in Menoquil have been tested for safety and potency, in addition to being GMP laboratory certified.

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Safety Profile of Menoquil

As much as women want fast relief from all their menopausal symptoms, they also want to know that what they’re taking is completely safe. While we now know that HRT isn’t without some serious health risks, even natural supplements may not always be safe for long term use. Menoquil, however, has been tested at every step of the manufacturing process, not just for safety but for quality and consistency. When a woman orders Menoquil, she can feel confident that she’s receiving a product that:

  • Is made in the USA in a facility that is regularly inspected by the FDA
  • Has been manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines
  • Only contains ingredients from verified, trusted sources
  • Is free from any dangerous additives, chemical substances or potentially addictive ingredients

Menoquil – Manufacturer’s Benefits

Menoquil is manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs, a company that produces several well-known, highly rated supplements for men and women. Unlike some companies that provide no details about their supplements, expecting the consumer to simply take their word that they work as well as they claim to, Pharmaxa Labs provides comprehensive information about Menoquil. In addition to the full ingredient list, consumers are given all customer service department contact information, details regarding the money back guarantee and answers to any questions they may have regarding both the product and the ordering process. The manufacturer of Menoquil offers:

  • A no-strings-attached 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • A 100% secure online ordering process
  • Expediated shipping with each order wrapped in plain packaging
  • Discrete credit card billing, with no mention of the Menoquil
  • An assurance that Menoquil has met all government regulatory standards for supplement manufacturing

Menoquil – The Conclusion

Menopause signifies a positive change in a woman’s life – a more liberating time, free from monthly periods, PMS and the risk of unplanned pregnancy. However, as any woman going through menopause knows, it’s not always easy and few women go from perimenopause right through to post-menopause completely symptom free. Because symptoms of menopause are so diverse, a good menopause supplement should address all of them, not just one or two. Given the range of beneficial ingredients contained in the Menoquil formula, any woman taking this supplement should expect fast, effective relief at every stage of menopause whether she’s experiencing just a few symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings, or the full range including a low libido, night sweats and weight gain. The manufacturer of Menoquil wanted to make a supplement that allowed women to embrace this time of life and, judging from the numerous positive success stories, this is exactly what they’ve achieved.

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4.5 Average 9810 Reviews
  • Christina M 5 star

    OMG! Gone are my hot flashes. My mood improved greatly - not as many mood swings. I've been using Menoquil for 3 months now and I am completely thrilled with it. By the end of the first week, I noticed my hot flashes were greatly reduced. By the end of the month, I no longer suffered from hot flashes! Summer heat and humidity do not bother me now. Before taking Menoquil, I couldn't tolerate even the slightest bit of warm weather and would be soaked with sweat when I stepped out the door. I now enjoy the outdoors in the summer. This product was a Godsend.

    1 hour ago

  • Barbie R 5 star

    I’m in love with Menoquil. I tried a number of other supplements to help with my menopause symptoms, but got no relief. After taking Menoquil for about 2 weeks my hot flashes started to subside. I was having hot flashes every 5 minutes. I was so miserable prior to starting this supplement. I can also see that it’s helping with my weight loss. Losing weight for me is hard. I suffer from hypothyroidism. The weight loss is gradual, but it’s better than no results. Menoquil is really worked for me. I’m into my third month now. Menopause is hard. It’s definitely worth a try.

    1 hour ago

  • Karen P 5 star

    Menoquil really works for me! before using Menoquil, I extremely fatigued, irritable, dizzy, and nauseous from menopausal symptoms. After taking Menoquil, 2 weeks later all these symptoms gone! I have more energy, sleep better, and even feel more rested. I haven't done anything else differently, so I'm giving Menoquil the credit! I am soooooooooo grateful for this product! I have my life back.

    2 hours ago

  • Trinidad J 5 star

    Menoquil is a game changer - I was having not so fun symptoms of menopause. A friend suggested these and I could be more grateful! Menoquil leveled out my mood, help me sleep better and have greatly reduced my hot flashes. This Menoquil helps most of my symptoms, especially hot flashes, night sweats and some anxiety. However, I highly recommend trying this if you have severe symptoms as you won't regret it. - it’s amazing!

    3 hours ago

  • Stephanie S 4 star

    I've tried several different products for menopausal issues & Menoquil is the only one that I recommend. I've used it for several years now. Menoquil really does help you sleep better, have more energy, lose weight, prevent hot flashes, and helps with mood swings. Get menoquil. You'll definitely Love it!

    4 hours ago

  • Andy K 5 star

    I love Menoquil. I received two bonuses by using Menoquil. My hot flashes have virtually disappeared. and my stomach is much flatter now. I’ve been using Menoquil for 38 days. I’m a much happier woman. My sleep is so much better. I sleep all night long and also still enjoying the benefits. I am free of hot flashes. Thank you Menoquil.

    5 hours ago

  • Lucia M 5 star

    Have been taking Menoquil for a few months and I must say I have seen a big improvement overall but a huge one with the symptoms relief of hot flashes !!! I take them every morning and they are very easy to swallow. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to get some relief.

    6 hours ago

  • Ashton B 5 star

    After reading many reviews, I decided to try Menoquil. I’m so happy I did! Within a few days, my hot flashes, have become less and less. I pretty much feel as if, I’m not dealing with the ups and downs of daily, multiple hot flashes I was enduring throughout the day and in the evening! This is the product for me!

    7 hours ago

  • Jeanne M 5 star

    I just ordered my second Menoquil bottle. I feel Menoquil has really worked for me. I am 55 and still in the first five months of menopause my hot flashes are almost all Gone . I was crying all the time over nothing. It is definitely worth the money. After taking Menoquil for a month, I no longer get night sweats or need the fan. I have tried many things, but Menoquil really works.

    8 hours ago

  • Rhonda A 4 star

    Menoquil has been a life-changer! No more night sweats and hot flashes for me within about three weeks of taking this. Prior to taking Menoquil my hot flashes were unbearable, lasting around an hour each 5 and 6 times a day. After being diagnosed with uterine cancer in December, 2020. I choose Menoquil after my diagnosis. I feel cool as a cucumber now!

    10 hours ago

  • Katherine J 5 star

    I personally love Menoquil. I've tried many different brands but nothing came close to this. Menoquil really helps my muscles aches, moods, hot flashes and etc. This is an awesome product! It really stops hot flashes in their tracks. Very economical in this size. Highly recommend for menopausal women.

    14 hours ago

  • Dayna J 5 star

    Before I started using Menoquil I was up every half an hour with night sweats and had hot flashes every half hour during the day. After using Menoquil I have zero, yes zero, hot flashes, no night sweats, no irritability, etc. I'm approaching 2 months of using Menoquil now - no hot flashes for days, and great sleep!

    1 day ago

  • Kim H 5 star

    I love Menoquil! I read reviews and decided to give it a shot. I noticed an immediate improvement in my energy and mood. My mood improved immediately. The night sweats and hot flashes disappeared within the first week. And tonight, in week 3 of taking Menoquil, I realized I’m in no lower back pain as I walked my dog around the block for the second time today. I am SUPER happy and love feeling like my old self once again.

    1 day ago

  • Donna G 5 star

    This is my third month buying Menoquil. It has definitely helped reduce my hot flashes and insomnia from which I have been suffering from for the past two years due to hormonal changes. I’d highly recommend for anyone who’s experiencing the same symptoms. Extremely thankful to Menoquil!

    1 day ago

  • Ruth N 5 star

    Menoquil is great supplement for menopausal relief. I was having terrible night sweats and within a couple weeks of taking this, they are completely gone. I also noticed that my stomach feels better and fell a balance in regularity. I highly recommend Menoquil. I will buy my second bottle in a few weeks.

    2 days ago

  • Katie K 5 star

    I have been taking Menoquil for 1 month. I have noticed a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats and better sleep. Definitely the best product in the market. Bloating disappears when I take Menoquil. I lose at least a couple of pounds during the first week and I can sleep much better. Finished my second bottle and just ordered my 3rd bottle.

    2 days ago

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